English Public Speaking Coaching for Non-Native Professionals

Isabelle van den Heuvel is my turn-to guru when it comes to expertise in the English language. Words that I believe define Isabelle are ‘expert’, ‘results-driven’ and ‘warm’.

I have always admired her fluent, easy-to-read and easy-to-understand style. It is a joy to observe the effortless way in which her sentences flow. It is generally recognised that bi-lingual speakers often have a preferential language; this is not so in Isabelle’s case. I know that in Dutch circles, Isabelle is highly revered for her outstanding command of the Dutch language; equally, as a British native speaker myself, I can vouch for her mastery of the English language. Isabelle has, in my opinion, a flair for being able to employ exactly the right style for her audience.

Isabelle shows a tireless determination to work on texts until they are perfect. She is driven by a desire for flawlessness. Moreover, I have seen the way in which she inspires speakers to perform at their best. Her calm, encouraging manner instils a confidence that simply works.

After a 25 year working relationship with Isabelle van den Heuvel, I can say that it was a pleasure and a privilege.

R. Mathieson

Isabelle develops English practice tests for ToetsMij, a platform for secondary school students, and I can warmly recommend her work. From my position as founder and CEO of the platform, I have worked with at least 150 authors, and Isabelle stands out within that group - not only because of the quality of her work, but also because it is exceptionally pleasant to collaborate with her. She helps us with a set of writing and reading tests for senior high school students. This results in comprehensible  and educational practice tests full of clear explanations and useful tips. Isabelle is a delightful sparring partner and brings out the best in our collaboration. Furthermore, we have been able to fully rely on her extensive educational experience to ensure that the tests align optimally with the learning objectives. I sincerely hope that Isabelle will continue to make her expertise and knowledge available to us for a long time to come!

Marc Luitjens

Founder and CEO ToetsMij

Isabelle was an English teacher at the Christelijk Gymnasium Sorghvliet in The Hague for about a decade, during the time I was rector there. She contributed to the development of a new and successful exam program. In addition, the Cambridge candidates she taught achieved excellent results in the Cambridge Advanced exam. Isabelle was an expert teacher, with the particularity of being bilingual in Dutch and English. This naturally makes her highly qualified to guide clients in delivering presentations in natural and convincing English. Isabelle is friendly and engaging in her approach: she will not only be a dedicated and knowledgeable coach, but also a pleasant one.

Dr. Hans Rookmaaker

former rector Christelijk Gymnasium Sorghvliet, The Hague

During my time as rector at Sorghvliet, Isabelle was an English teacher there. Driven by her interest in students of all ages, she taught both lower and upper school classes. I came to know her as a teacher with integrity: she cares about her students and motivates them to work hard for the subject. As a result, our students excelled in English.

In her classes, Isabelle allows students to develop to their fullest potential. All aspects of English are covered, from reading Shakespeare to delivering passionate speeches on current topics. Making mistakes is encouraged, as they enhance the learning process.

Isabelle is strict but fair, and she takes her students very seriously. She led a team of passionate teachers who truly made the most of teaching English. In short, she is a dedicated and inspiring colleague!

Swen Zuiderwijk, MA

Rector Montessori Lyceum Rotterdam

If you're hesitating about hiring Isabelle as your coach or trainer, let me tell you: don't hesitate. I fondly remember my English lessons with Isabelle. She is clear, calm, helpful, and patient. Of course, she is linguistically proficient, but what I find most important is that she is very approachable. Making mistakes is natural, and that's how it feels with Isabelle too. Your confidence grows, also because she genuinely celebrates your achievements. If I ever need to practice for a big presentation in English in the future or require a crash course, I know who to turn to.

L. Jesko

Veterinary surgeon and teacher

Isabelle is an excellent writer of literary reviews. She knows how to thoroughly grasp a book, extract its essence, and write a clear review about it, giving the interested reader a good understanding of the book. In addition to writing thoughtfully, Isabelle also reads and interprets meticulously. Due to the consistent quality of her texts, she is a highly esteemed reviewer. The collaboration with her is always pleasant.

Anky Mulders 

editor Literair Nederland